Inland Shannon Charts for Garmin GPS

Garmin Models

Sample Chart Images

Below are some screen images of the Ireland Shannon charts running on a variety of Garmin GPS devices. At the time of writing we have tested the charts on GpsMap 451, 551, 556, 6000 series, legacy models such as the 276C, 2000, and 3000 series, 292, 192, 182, 172, and some Nuvi models. Note that some Nuvi models may not display spot depths and navigation markers, and those that do required to be zoomed right in.

We recommend Garmin marine GPS plotters for best display results and for following routes, rather than automotive units such as Nuvi.

Lough Derg - GpsMap 451

Inner Lakes Lough Ree - Nuvi 250

Mountshannon - GpsMap 451s

Limerick Navigation - Nuvi 250

Killaloe - GpsMap 451

Lough Ree - Nuvi 250

Lough Derg - GpsMap 451s

Lough Ree - Nuvi 250


Lough Derg - Garmin GpsMap 2000 Series (discontinued model)


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