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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Garmin are now supplying these charts and technical queries should be directed to their technical support. Please use the FAQs below to answer any technical queries you may have. Unfortunately we are not in a position to offer any technical support as this project is managed by volunteers in there spare time.

FAQs - For Garmin Supplied "Ireland Inland Waterways - Shannon Navigation" products

Where do I get Garmin's Shannon Chart coverage

Garmin have now launched the Shannon charts as a standalone chart product and are available from the Garmin web site or from Garmin marine dealer outlets. If ordering from the Garmin web site you may choose either a download version or order the charts on SD or MicroSD cards. If you have any queries please direct them to Garmin.


Shannon Coverage is now included in the preloaded marine basemap of marine chart plotter models such as GpsMap 451, 551, 556 and 750

Do Garmin supply the charts on old legacy data cards

YES, contact Garmin dealers who also act as Garmin chart agents. They can produce the charts as a stand alone product or combined with other coastal chart regions.

Are the charts BlueChart format YES, Garmin's stand alone chart product (HXEU300P) is BlueChart G2 format and can be purchased from Garmin as a download, on SD, MicroSD (or legacy data cards for units with updated system software).
Is there a G2 Vision version YES, but not as a standalone product. Since August 2011 many of Garmin's coastal BlueChart G2 Vision coverage now includes the Shannon Navigation coverage. Check the map coverage section of Garmin's web site.
Do the charts work with MapSource? NO, MapSource is a discontinued product
Do the charts work with HomePort? YES, Shannon Navigation charts supplied by Garmin on SD or MicroSD cards will work with Garmin HomePort.
Do the charts work with nRoute? NO, Garmin nRourte is a discontined product.
Chart Updates Charts supplied by Garmin may have updates available from time to time. Garmin cannot supply updates to the old Shannon Charts supplied by Boating Innovation Ltd. Users of the former Boating Innovation Charts will be emailed about the availablity of the non Garmin products they have.


Please note
While every effort has been made, it is not possible to guarantee the accuracy of any information provided on this web site or on the charts. The "Ireland Shannon" chart project has been carried out by volunteers and an immense number of man hours over many years both on the water, land, in cars, ribs, cruisers and 'burning much midnight oil' working on computers.
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